Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

👋 Krypton

Krypton is a free ICO / Crypto template built by cssninjaStudio.


✌️ preview

Check out the live demo by clicking here. Krypton is built with Bulma and Alpine JS.

👍 Features

  • Gulp 4 and nodejs 12.13.0 (minimum)
  • Bulma 0.9.1
  • ES6 support
  • Alpine JS

👌 Usage

  1. Install Dev Depedencies
npm install
  1. To start development server
npm run dev

🍔 Issues

If you've found an issue or a bug, you can report it in the issues section of this repository. Please try to follow these simple guidelines to report your issue:

  • Issue definition
  • Expected behaviour
  • Actual behaviour
  • steps to reproduce
  • Already tried fixes (if relevant)

ğŸŽ‰ More

You liked Krypton? Check also our other premium Envato bulma themes Css Ninja.

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🚀 About Us

Css Ninja is a web design studio. We build handcrafted and polished templates that will give some hype to your startup or to your next project.

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