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This is the full source code to Mesh Maker VR.

NOTE: This is the development version of Mesh Maker VR, not the production version. We were in the middle of a massive refactor when we decided to release MMVR as open source, so the code is a lot cleaner than the production code. However, reference images and alignment tools are broken. We were in the middle of re-implementing these as 2.0 versions with additional features. Everything else should work as expected.


This project currently uses Unity 5.6.2f1. Get it here:

Unity Asset Store Dependencies:

  • ProBuilder (free version - I'm pretty sure we're not using this, but it may be required by the scene)

  • VR Gimbal Camera (required by the scene, but not really necessary. Feel free to remove it.)

  • SteamVR

  • Simple Color Picker

  • UnityTestTools (necessary to run integration tests)

    Note that UnityTestTools is slightly broken in modern Unity. Fix it by deleting the test that contains ExpectedException. I've included a patch to do this quickly and easily from git bash on windows:

patch -p2 < UnityTestTools.patch
  • The Amazing Wireframe Shader (Note that this takes 30 minutes to compile on a 6700k i7 with 32 gb of ram. I have no idea why. It's a good asset otherwise.)

    Note that I've included a patch to The Amazing Wireframe Shader that adds face normals. To install:

patch -p2 --binary < VacuumShaders_Add_Face_Normals.patch

This project also requires the CreateThis VR UI project. It's available here on github. Just copy over the Assets/CreateThis folder into the Assets directory.


The included code is MIT Licensed. However, the integration tests use a Pikachu model with the following license:

Low-Poly Pikachu by FLOWALISTIK is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.


Slack channel: meshmakervr (Join link)


Love this project and want to help it be successful? Support us on Patreon, today: Mesh Maker VR Patreon Page

NOTE: Before this project was open sourced it was making about $348 per month on Steam. If we reach that goal in Patreon pledges development will continue unchanged.

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