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Virtual Economics

Welcome is intended to store various virtual conferences, seminars, talks, and resources while many of us are sequestered at home. Hat tip to Luke Stein for the initial resources and the suggestion to build the website.

How to add your calendar

If you have a Google calendar or iCal link, you can add your calendar to the master list. A Python script runs every night at midnight and retrieves all calendars from the file calendar_sources.txt.


  1. Get a URL that points to your calendar -- the URL should end with .ics. If you are using Google Calendars, you can look at this picture to see where to click. Search on how to get this link for your calendar provider if you are not using a Google calendar. As an example, the URL for the website's calendar is
  2. Edit the file calendar_sources.txt in this repo, and stick your URL at the bottom of the list. Here's a handy link to do so.

  3. Click the "Propose file change" button at the bottom of the page.

  4. Wait for someone to accept your changes.

How to contribute

You can contribute information to this website by opening a pull request on GitHub repository for this page to edit any of the various webpages you see here. Each page has its own handy "Edit me" button if you want to quickly add something to a list.

Support or Contact

Contact the maintainer of this page by emailing [email protected] or by tweeting @cameron_pfiffer.

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