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Middleware / Relay / PSR-7 support to Nette Framework.

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Middleware / Relay pattern is widely used for handling any HTTP requests, such as API request, streams, dynamic websites or just any suitable requests.

We have a many solutions and prepared libraries in PHP world.

3rd party middlewares:



State Version Branch Nette PHP
dev ^0.10.0 master 3.0+ ^7.2
stable ^0.9.0 master 3.0+ ^7.2
stable ^0.8.0 master 2.4 >=7.1
stable ^0.5.0 master 2.4 >=5.6




Milan Felix Šulc Marek Bartoš

The development is sponsored by Tlapnet. Thank you guys! 👍

Thank you for testing, reporting and contributing.

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