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Concourse Docker

This Docker image simply packages up the official concourse binary and configures it as the ENTRYPOINT, with a bunch of sane defaults for Docker.

Configuration is done via CONCOURSE_* environment variables. To discover them, run --help:

docker run -t concourse/concourse --help
docker run -t concourse/concourse web --help
docker run -t concourse/concourse worker --help

See the Concourse install docs for more information on deploying and managing Concourse - the Docker repository just wraps the concourse binary, so the documentation covers it too.

Running with docker-compose

The docker-compose.yml in this repo will get you up and running with the latest version Concourse. To use it you'll first need to execute ./keys/generate - this will generate credentials used to authorize the Concourse components with each-other:

$ ./keys/generate
wrote private key to /keys/session_signing_key
wrote private key to /keys/tsa_host_key
wrote ssh public key to /keys/
wrote private key to /keys/worker_key
wrote ssh public key to /keys/

Next, run docker-compose up -d to start Concourse in the background:

$ docker-compose up -d
Starting concourse-docker_db_1 ... done
Starting concourse-docker_web_1 ... done
Starting concourse-docker_worker_1 ... done

The default configuration sets up a test user with test as their password and grants them access to main team. To use this in production you'll definitely want to change that - see Auth & Teams for more information..

If things seem to be going wrong, check the logs for any errors:

$ docker-compose logs -f
Attaching to concourse-docker_worker_1, concourse-docker_web_1, concourse-docker_db_1

Running with docker run

Concourse components can also be run with regular old docker run commands. Please use docker-compose.yml as the canonical reference for the necessary flags/vars and connections between components. Further documentation on configuring Concourse is available in the Concourse Install docs.

Building concourse/concourse

The Dockerfile in this repo is built as part of our CI process - as such, it depends on having a pre-built linux-rc available in the working directory, and ends up being published as concourse/concourse.