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Faitagram - Don't Use This (Doesn't work anymore)-

A Bruter for FAcebook, twITter, and InstAGRAM. Made with python, developed from brut3k1t.

[You will need python!]


This project was developed from brut3k1t,which was made by ex0dus-0x. Here is the page : Since this script was not functionning, and was not ready for a attack, so I decided to develop this program from his.

I am not responsible for your action.

---------------- How To Use ----------------

Get the requirements:



python faitagram -s [service] -u [username] -w [wordlist] -d [delay(Optional)]


python faitagram -s facebook -u [email protected] -w /root/passwd.txt -d 10

(Execute faitagram) (facebook)  (Email of the target)  (wordlist path)   (delay[10secs])

python faitagram -s instagram -u justin -w wlist

(Execute faitagram) (Instagram) (username) (wordlist)

python faitagram -s twitter -u hellohahahha -w wlist -d 3

(Execute faitagram) (Twitter)  (Username)  (wordlist) (delay[3secs])


-s, -u, -w parameters are musts, and -d is optional.

-d in default is 1 sec.

In facebook, you would have to type the email in the -u.

In facebook, the script will ask you the Name of the target.

Specific tutorial will be on NullByte, I would put a link after I make a tutorial:

How it works:

This script uses selenium web driver, and Xvfb and pyvirtualdisplay to make the web driver invisible so you can keep doing work, this script also uses STEM as the proxy.

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