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The COMPAS framework

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The COMPAS framework is an open-source, Python-based framework for computational research and collaboration in architecture, engineering and digital fabrication.

The main library consists of a core package (compas) and several additional packages for integration of the core functionality in CAD software (currently: compas_blender, compas_rhino, compas_ghpython).

The core package defines all real functionality. The CAD packages simply provide a unified framework for processing, visualising, and interacting with geometry and datastructures, and for building user interfaces in different CAD software.

Getting Started

The recommended way to install COMPAS is to use Anaconda/conda:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install COMPAS

But it can also be installed using pip:

pip install COMPAS

To verify your setup, run the following:

python -m compas

First Steps

Questions and feedback

The COMPAS framework has a forum: for questions and discussions.

Issue tracker

If you find a bug, please help us solve it by filing a report.


If you want to contribute, check out the contribution guidelines.


See changes between releases on the changelog.


The main library of COMPAS is released under the MIT license.

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