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Unsubscribe: unsubscribe without leaving Nylas

The Unsubscribe Plugin for Nylas Mail and Nylas N1/Pro

Quickly unsubscribe from emails without leaving Nylas. The unsubscribe plugin parses the list-unsubscribe header and the email body to look for the best way to unsubscribe. If an unsubscribe email address can be found, the plugin will send one in the background on your behalf. If only a browser link is found, either a mini N1 browser window will open or for certain cases, you will be redirected to your default browser.

How to install

  1. Download and unzip from the Releases page.

  2. In Nylas Mail, Select the menu bar option Developer > Install a Plugin..., then select the unzipped folder, n1-unsubscribe

  3. You should now see the plugin in the plugins pane in Nylas Mail (Preferences > Plugins).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press CMD + ALT + U when viewing an email. This shortcut can be changed in the preference panel (Nylas->Preferences->Unsubscribe).

Reporting Bugs

  • Feature Requests or Bug Reports: Submit them through the issues pane.
  • Mishandled Emails: Find an email which this plugin doesn't handle correctly? Not finding an unsubscribe link when there should be one? Forward the email to us at [email protected] and we'll look into it.

Made by

Kyle King and Colin King

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