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An extension to accelerate the process of developing applications with flutter, aimed at everyone using the GetX package.


Download extension on MarketPlace or search the plugin as GetX Snippets in you IDE(Android Studio/Intellij).

If you use vscode, find a similar plugin here


getmain: Generates a main file with GetMaterialApp

getmodel: Generates a base Model for data.

getrxmodel: Generates a sample RxModel.

getpage: Generates a Page file with a Controller.

getpagesroutes: Generate file pages.

getpageroute: Generate route page.

getcontroller: Generates GetxController.

getrepo: Generates a sample Repository file.

getproviderdio: Generates a simple sample Provider file with Dio for API.


getobx: Generates ObxX function.

Functions and variables

getfinal: Generates simple final observable.

getfinal_: Generates accessor for Controller: getter, setter and final private var.

getset: Generates a setter for a public variable.

getset_: Generates a setter for a private variable.

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