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Bootstrap 4 boilerplate

A Bootstrap v4.4.1 boiler plate with sass, concatenation, minification, autoprefixer, Browsersync, hot reloading and sourcemaps all runned by Gulp

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This project requires you to have a installation of nodejs with npm This project also requires you to have global installations of gulp.

# Install gulp globally
sudo npm install -g gulp

Quick Start

# 1 Clone this repo
git clone

# 2 Navigate into the repo directory
cd bootstrap4-boilerplate

# 3 Install all node packages
yarn or npm install

# 4 Get started
yarn dev or npm run dev - starts localhost server with browser-sync, watches html sass js with hot reloading
yarn build or npm run build - minify css/js and builds your app into the dist directory, ready for production

Gulp commands

gulp serve

The gulp serve command starts a local Browsersync server that serves your files in the browser. It automatically reload the current page when changing html, sass and js files. The output of all sass files go to main.css. All js files are concatenated into main.js. You can access the project live in development with other devices on the same network. Go to the "External" address specified by Browsersync in the terminal in the browser of your device.

gulp serve

gulp (build)

The default gulp command is set to creating a "dist" directory with a production version of the project, ready to be deployed. It minifies and renames js/css assets as well as cleaning the old "dist" directory. CSS is autoprefixed for the latest two browser versions.


gulp concatScripts

The gulp concatScripts command combines the specified js ressources into main.js. You can add new js files to this command on line 16 in gulpfile.js You might want to run concatScripts once seperately after adding new js files.

gulp concatScripts

Overwriting Bootstrap sass variables

You can overwrite specific bootstrap sass variables by uncommenting lines in assets/css/bootstrap/_variables.scss

PHP Support

If you need a server with PHP support you can use the project with MAMP Pro or similiar.

  • Place the project folder in the htdocs folder
  • Create a new host in the hosts panel of MAMP Pro and choose the project folder as the document root
  • Enable Symlinks settings in the "Extended" tab of the host configuration
  • On line 59 in gulpfile.js change the browserSync.init function to the following:
    proxy: "http://name-of-your-mamp-host:8888",
    open: "external"
  • Start the MAMP services and run "gulp serve" as before
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