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Infinity ErgoDox LCD Editor, by LuX Permission to post in GeekHack thread

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From GeekHack thread

After getting my ergodox infinity I wasn't that excited with the default images and colors on the LCD screen. I realized modding them by directly manipulating the flashing files was really easy and doesn't require special compilers and such... I also saw people asking for such a software, so I made a quick and simple program that does just that, but after a day and zero downloads from I:C forums it's obvious no one will find it there, so I'll post about it here as well. Hopefully someone will find it useful.

Instructions for Use

Next you need the .dfu.bin files from the configurator: and drop them in the folder

I haven't been able to test it on other than Windows, but theoretically it might work cross-platform. If something doesn't work I can try to fix it, or upload the source so someone on a different platform can try and port it or add fuctionalities.

Some images: As you can see I've put Func4 to be backlights off, this way I can easily turn off the lights during the night. Ironically I haven't yet figured out how to change the default layer led color directly, which was what I originally wanted to do, so you'll be stuck with the default. Everything else works.

LCD Editor Image


This code and all files included are licensed under MS-PL, included in the archive.

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