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Awesome Open Source

RHCSA Practice Questions repository

This repository contains separate practice questions/scenarios that should help You pass RHCSA exam (for version 7). It is a collection gathered from various places on the internet - below list should contain all sources I've used to create it.

Every question is placed in a separate file - therefore it is easier to split studying into small and comprehensive parts which can be used every day. There is no particular order in which questions are laid - it is a good way to easilly change context and not to stay focused on one topic for longer time.

At the very beginning of every file there is a question, then comes blank space in order for the answer not be seen when opening the file. I've tried to make answers clear and very detailed - mentioning possible problems You can encounter along the way.

If You've found any mistake or error please do not hesitate to contact me or create PR with a fix. If You want to expand this repo please feel free to do so - I am open to new questions all the time.

There is also a folder with my notes from Sander van Gut certification book. However it is only in Polish.

All the questions were validated by me on CentOS 7 - it is possible that it won't be working for newer versions!!! Questions for RHCSA 8 exams are explicitly marked.

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