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Lotos is a tiny but high-performance HTTP WebServer following the Reactor model, using non-blocking IO and IO multiplexing(epoll ET) to handle concurrency. Lotos is written in pure c and well tested. Several HTTP headers (Connection, Content-Length, etc.) is supported and more will be added in the future.

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项目目的 并发模型 设计实现 测试调试 性能测试 调试记录


  • gcc >= 5.4 or clang >= 3.5 (gcc4.9 is not supported)
  • Linux only, kernel version >= 3.9



$ git clone
$ cd lotos/src/
$ make && make test


Usage: lotos -r html_root_dir [-p port] [-t timeout] [-w worker_num] [-d (debug mode)]

$ ./lotos -r ../www -t 60 -w 4 -p 8888

then you can visit http://localhost:8888/.


  • EPOLL Edge Trigger mode, more efficient.
  • Nonblocking IO.
  • Multiprocessing, port reuse.
  • TCP connections managed by min-heap data structure.
  • HTTP persistent connection support. Close TCP connection when connection expires.
  • Parse HTTP requests using FSM.
  • Handle errors and exceptions.
  • Memory pool is optional.


Unit tests are based on minctest. It is simple, lightweight, and flexible.

Moreover, I contributed some codes to it.


Please refer to



node.js http parser


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