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Channel_42's Dotfiles

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These are the dotfiles of my main Arch-Machine. If you have any questions about anything, you can reach out to me on reddit u/Channel_42.


  1. About Me
  2. General Information
  3. Themes and Colorschemes
  4. Vim
  5. Firefox

About me

I'm a first semester automotive comp.sci. and mechatronics student from Germany whose also doing an apprenticeship in the field of automotive mechatronics. I started using Linux in September of 2019 and have been enjoying the amount of flexibilty the platform offers. My main distro of choice is Arch-Linux, which I run on both my laptop and my tower.

General Information

Here's a basic rundown of most of the software I use in my setup:

Category Name
WM bspwm (rounded corners fork)
Bar Polybar
Terminal Urxvt
Shell zsh with oh-my-zsh
Compositor compton (tryone fork)
Text Editor Vim (with vundle)
File Browser Ranger
Browser Firexfox
Music Player ncmpcpp
PDF-Viewer Zathura
Photo-Development Darktable
Wallpaper setter feh
Launcher Rofi

Themes and Colorschemes

I usually modify premade themes and colorschemes to fit my setup/taste.

Programme Theme Name Modified?
Terminal cloud yes
Vim shades of purple no
Rofi materia no
Firefox flying fox yes
oh-my-zsh bubblified yes


vim1 Vim is my goto text editor and over time I've added more and more features. Functionally it has all the features I need from an dev IDE, with the main difference being way less bloat than your typical IDE.

To make the most of my "selfmade IDE" I added some bindigs to execute scripts or launch plugins:

Binding Funtion
Shift+s compile current file
F4 open compiled file
F5 toggle NerdTree
F8 toggle tagbar
Ctrl+f toggle focus mode
Space toggle fold
Ctrl + space create docstring
Shift + c toggle syntax checking

vim2 Here you see (almost) all of the features of my vim setup in one screenshot. The file browser on the left is NerdTree. It uses vim bindings and can show/hide .files/.directories. The window on the right side is tagbar, which displays usefull information such as class properties and gives a general overview of your file.

vim3 This is the focus-mode that can be toggled with Ctrl+f. I recommend using it in fullscreen mode to minimize distraction.If you wish to disable the "block style" syntax highlight, remove all limelight mentions in the ToggleConding functionin the .vimrc.


alt text

I use Firefox with a custom stylesheet (a pretty neat feature I didn't even know existed a couple of months ago). I modified a premade stylesheet from a fellowe r/unixporn member (see the themes section).

For my start/new-tab-page I use the Nighttab extension.

To setup custom stylesheets the following settings need to be changed;

  • set the theme to dark in Firefox's settings
  • enable custom stylesheets by setting toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true in about:config
  • move the chrome folder to ~.mozilla/firefox/<user-profile>/
  • restart Firefox for the changes to apply

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