Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


These are my personal configuration files. Having them in a GitHub repository allows me to instantly set up shop on any machine as well as keep my tools and configurations in sync across my laptop and desktop machines.


For the curious, here is a list of the tools (toolchain) I am currently using. It is heavily keyboard and command-line centric.

  • OS: OSX on my laptop and Ubuntu on my various servers. These dotfiles work on both.
  • Terminal: Hyper a terminal written in JS/HTML/CSS.
  • Text editor: Vim may have a steep learning curve, but for me the return on investment was nearly immediate. For anyone looking to make the leap, I recommend reading Coming Home to Vim a blog post by Steve Losh and Your problem with Vim is that you don't grock vi by StackOverflow user Jim Dennis.
    • Colorscheme: Molokai a high contrast, dark background colorscheme.
    • Code Linting: Syntastic Find mal-formatted code at save time instead of at run time.
    • Undo: Gundo View and move through undo history as a tree.
    • Status Line: Vim Airline Beautiful status line with all the info I need, implemented in native VimL.
    • File Opener: ctrl-p Fuzzy matching file opener.
  • Version control: Git I interact with Git via the command line.

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