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Camunda Modeler


An integrated modeling solution for BPMN and DMN based on

Camunda Modeler


Building the Application

Build the app in a Posix environment. On Windows that is Git Bash or WSL. Make sure you have installed all the necessary tools to install and compile Node.js C++ addons.

# checkout a tag
git checkout v1.1.0

# install dependencies
npm install

# execute all checks (lint, test and build)
npm run all

# build the application to ./dist
npm run build

Development Setup

Spin up the application for development, all strings attached:

npm run dev


Please checkout our contributing guidelines if you plan to file an issue or pull request.

Code of Conduct

By participating to this project, please uphold to our Code of Conduct.



Uses bpmn-js, dmn-js, and cmmn-js, licensed under the license.

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