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Bullet Train for oh-my-zsh

Bullet Train is a oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Powerline Vim plugin. It aims for simplicity, showing information only when it's relevant.

It currently shows:

  • Current Python virtualenv; when using Pyenv and no active virtualenv shows the current Python version the shell uses
  • Current Ruby version using chruby; version and gemset when on RVM or Rbenv
  • Current Node.js version, through NVM (if present) or Node.js
  • Current Perl version using plenv
  • Current Elixir version
  • Git status
  • Timestamp
  • Current directory
  • Background jobs
  • Exit code of last command

If you want add some new feature, of fix some bug, open an issue and lets hack together.

For a tmux theme to work with it, I suggest Maglev.




In order to use the theme, you will first need:

  • Powerline compatible fonts like Vim Powerline patched fonts, Input Mono or Monoid.
  • On Ubuntu like systems you'll need the ttf-ancient-fonts package to correctly display some unicode symbols that are not covered by the Powerline fonts above.
  • A ZSH framework like antigen, oh-my-zsh or zgen
  • Make sure terminal is using 256-colors mode with export TERM="xterm-256color"
  • For iTerm 2 users, make sure you go into your settings and set both the regular font and the non-ascii font to powerline compatible fonts or the prompt separators and special characters will not display correctly.


For oh-my-zsh users

  1. Download the theme here

  2. Put the file bullet-train.zsh-theme in $ZSH_CUSTOM/themes/

  3. Configure the theme in your ~/.zshrc file:


For antigen users

Add the following snippet to your .zshrc somewhere after the line antigen use oh-my-zsh.

antigen theme bullet-train

For Zgen users

If you're using zgen, add the following line to your ~/.zshrc where you're adding your other zsh plugins after the line zgen oh-my-zsh.

zgen load caiogondim/bullet-train-oh-my-zsh-theme bullet-train

For Zplug users

If you're using zplug, add the following line to your ~/.zshrc where you're adding your other zsh plugins.

setopt prompt_subst # Make sure prompt is able to be generated properly.
zplug "caiogondim/bullet-train.zsh", use:bullet-train.zsh-theme, defer:3 # defer until other plugins like oh-my-zsh is loaded


Bullet Train is configurable. You can change colors and which segments you want or don't want to see. All options must be overridden in your .zshrc file.


BULLETTRAIN_PROMPT_ORDER defines order of prompt segments. Use zsh array syntax to specify your own order, e.g:


NOTE: You do not need to specify end segment - it will be added automatically. With this you can also specify custom segments.


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_PROMPT_CHAR \$ Character to be show before any command
BULLETTRAIN_PROMPT_ROOT true Highlight if running as root
BULLETTRAIN_PROMPT_SEPARATE_LINE true Make the prompt span across two lines
BULLETTRAIN_PROMPT_ADD_NEWLINE true Adds a newline character before each prompt line


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_STATUS_EXIT_SHOW false Show/hide exit code of last command
BULLETTRAIN_STATUS_BG green Background color
BULLETTRAIN_STATUS_ERROR_BG red Background color of segment when last command exited with an error
BULLETTRAIN_STATUS_FG black Foreground color


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_TIME_12HR false Format time using 12-hour clock (am/pm)
BULLETTRAIN_TIME_BG white Background color
BULLETTRAIN_TIME_FG black Foreground color


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_CUSTOM_MSG false Free segment you can put a custom message which will be eval'ed for every prompt
BULLETTRAIN_CUSTOM_BG black Background color
BULLETTRAIN_CUSTOM_FG default Foreground color


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_CONTEXT_BG black Background color
BULLETTRAIN_CONTEXT_FG default Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_CONTEXT_DEFAULT_USER none Default user. If you are running with other user other than default, the segment will be showed.
BULLETTRAIN_CONTEXT_HOSTNAME %m Hostname. Set %M to display the full qualified domain name.
BULLETTRAIN_IS_SSH_CLIENT none If true, the segment will be showed.

Python virtualenv (+Pyenv)

Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_VIRTUALENV_BG yellow Background color
BULLETTRAIN_VIRTUALENV_FG white Foreground color

node.js nvm

Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_NVM_BG green Background color
BULLETTRAIN_NVM_FG white Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_NVM_PREFIX " " Prefix of the segment

Ruby RVM/Rbenv

Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_RUBY_BG magenta Background color
BULLETTRAIN_RUBY_FG white Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_RUBY_PREFIX "" Prefix of the segment


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_ELIXIR_BG magenta Background color
BULLETTRAIN_ELIXIR_FG white Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_ELIXIR_PREFIX "" Prefix of the segment


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_GO_BG green Background color
BULLETTRAIN_GO_FG white Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_GO_PREFIX go Prefix of the segment

Kubernetes Context

Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_BG yellow Background color
BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_FG white Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_PREFIX `` Kubernetes prefix of the segment
BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_KUBECTL true If false disable kubectl usage
BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_NAMESPACE true If false will not show the default namespace. Namespace is only visible if kubectl is installed
BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_KCONFIG ${HOME}/.kube/config Location of kube config file (e.g. /Users/Hugo/.kube/config)

The prompt will first check if BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_KUBECTL=true and kubectl is installed than it will use kubectl config view --minify to determine the context and default namespace in use. If BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_KUBECTL=false or kubectl is not installed, BULLETTRAIN_KCTX_KCONFIG will be parsed to get the current context.

The usage of kubectl allow the prompt to get the default namespace even if you are using multiple kube config files (e.g. KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/config:path-to-config1:path-to-config2)

AWS Profile

Displays which AWS (Amazon Web Services) credentials profile is currently set. This environment var is used by aws-cli and other tools to use the right access keys and other parameters.

Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_AWS_BG yellow Background color
BULLETTRAIN_AWS_FG black Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_AWS_PREFIX `` Prefix of the segment


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_PERL_BG yellow Background color
BULLETTRAIN_PERL_FG black Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_PERL_PREFIX `` Prefix of the segment


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_DIR_BG blue Background color
BULLETTRAIN_DIR_FG white Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_DIR_CONTEXT_SHOW false Show user and machine in an SCP formatted style
BULLETTRAIN_DIR_EXTENDED 1 Extended path (0=short path, 1=medium path, 2=complete path, everything else=medium path)


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_BG white Background color
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_FG black Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_PROMPT_CMD git_prompt_info Function to display details about your git segment.
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_DIRTY "" Icon for dirty state
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_CLEAN "" Icon for clean state
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_ADDED "%F{green}%F{black}" Icon for added files on stage
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_MODIFIED "%F{blue}%F{black}" Icon for modified files
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_DELETED "%F{red}%F{black}" Icon for delete files on stage
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_UNTRACKED "%F{yellow}%F{black}" Icon for untracked files
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_UNMERGED "" Icon for unmerged state
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_AHEAD " " Icon for ahead state from remote
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_BEHIND " " Icon for behind state from remote
BULLETTRAIN_GIT_DIVERGED " " Icon for diverged state from remote

The git prompt can be disabled for a specific repository by setting a git config flag: git config oh-my-zsh.hide-status 1. This is useful to avoid performance issues for particularly huge repositories.


Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_SCREEN_BG white Background color
BULLETTRAIN_SCREEN_FG black Foreground color
BULLETTRAIN_SCREEN_PREFIX `` Prefix of the segment


Variable Default Meaning

Command execution time

Variable Default Meaning
BULLETTRAIN_EXEC_TIME_ELAPSED 5 Minimum elapsed time of command execution. If the execution time of a command is smaller than this, the segment will be hidden.
BULLETTRAIN_EXEC_TIME_BG yellow Background color
BULLETTRAIN_EXEC_TIME_FG black Foreground color



That project was originally a fork from Powerline, but most of the code was later erased and its now more closely related to Agnoster. Below is a git summary of the project:

156	Caio Gondim
 33	Jrmy Romey
 14	Greg Fitzgerald
  8	Dan Kaplun
  8	Viktor (Icon) VAD
  7	Jocelyn Mallon
  7	Dawid Kurek
  6	Joe Block
  6	Jrmy Romey
  5	Arthur Wang
  4	Flavius Aspra
  3	Mario Zigliotto
  3	Michael Robinson
  3	Michael Cornell
  3	Iulian Onofrei
  2	itsZero (Chien-An Cho)
  2	Daniel Loader
  2	Charlie Smith
  2	wujtruj
  2	Jiri Tyr
  1	Sbastien Bordenave
  1	Yongqian Li
  1	alysson
  1	gvillalta99
  1	illuminatis
  1	krischer
  1	m.kuehn
  1	timfeirg
  1	Adrien Brault
  1	yachi
  1	Andreas Galauner
  1	Dale Davis
  1	Fabio Poloni
  1	Faure Hu
  1	Guillaume BINET
  1	Hannes Frank
  1	Heng-Yi Wu
  1	Jack Chu
  1	Jason Hollis
  1	KVoll
  1	Kevin
  1	Lyncredible
  1	Manuel Hoffmann
  1	Marius Krmer
  1	Maxime Bruguet
  1	Mertcan Mermerkaya
  1	Nicholas
  1	Peter Nagy
  1	Sen Jiang


This theme is highly inspired by the following themes:


If you found this project useful and are willing to donate, transfer some bitcoins to 1BqqKiZA8Tq43CdukdBEwCdDD42jxuX9UY or through the URL

Or via  ·  GitHub @caiogondim  ·  Twitter @caio_gondim

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