Bymattlee 11ty Starter

A starter boilerplate powered by 11ty, Sanity, Gulp, Tailwind CSS, rollup.js, Alpine.js and Highway.
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ByMattLee 11ty Starter

A starter boilerplate powered by 11ty, Sanity, Gulp, Tailwind CSS, rollup.js, Alpine.js and Taxi.js.



1. Install Node 16.17.1 LTS:
2. Install Yarn
$ npm i -g yarn
3. Install all dependencies
$ yarn


In config.js, update Sanity options and environment URLs for project compilation.


Build Files For Development And Initialize Watch
$ yarn dev
Build Files For Staging
$ yarn stage
Build Files For Production
$ yarn prod

General Features

  • Features Gulp as the build pipeline that renders HTML, compiles styles and scripts, and optimizes assets.
  • Data is coming from the Sanity Cloud API. This pairs perfectly with the ByMattLee Sanity Studio Starter
  • Spins up a local development environment through Browsersync
  • Browser reload when NJK, JS, image, SVG or asset files are updated
  • Styles are injected when SCSS files are updated
  • Features 11ty as the static site generator
  • Markup is minified in staging and production environments
  • Site data can be set in src/site/_data
  • Pages in src/site will be compiled to dist
  • src/site/_includes/layouts/base.njk serves as the base template for the site
  • src/site/_includes/partials contains site partials and components that are reused across the site (modular HTML)
  • Features Tailwind CSS, a utility-first framework
  • Includes linter (Stylelint), autoprefixer, minification and sourcemap creation
  • SCSS files are located in src/assets/scss
  • main.scss in src/assets/scss serves as the base that includes the other dependent SASS files
  • main.scss gets compiled to dist/assets/css/main.min.css
  • .stylelintrc contains the settings for Stylelint
  • Info about class namespacing can be found in src/assets/scss/main.scss
  • Unused CSS (PurgeCSS) will be removed in staging and production builds
  • Features rollup.js as the module bundler
  • Includes linting (ESLint), concatenation, minification and sourcemap creation
  • Includes Taxi.js for seamless page transitions
  • Includes a custom framework for reuseable content animations
  • Includes Alpine.js for declarative DOM manipulation
  • main.js in src/assets/js serves as the main JS file that includes and runs all components and will be compiled to dist/assets/js/main.min.js
  • All local components should be placed in src/assets/js/components
  • All vendor JS can be manually added to src/assets/js/vendors if not found on Yarn
  • .eslintrc contains the settings for ESLint
  • Place all unoptimized images in the src/assets/images directory
  • They will then be optimized and placed in dist/assets/images
  • Responsive images will be generated at the following widths (if larger): 200w, 400w, 600w, 800w, 1000w, 1200w, 1400w, 1600w, 1800w
  • Use imageSrc shortcode to render responsive srcset in markup
  • Place all SVG files in the src/assets/svg directory
  • They will then be optimized and added to a sprite at dist/assets/svg/sprite.svg
Other Assets
  • All assets (fonts, videos, swfs, etc) under src/assets will be copied to dist/assets on build
  • Generates a sitemap based on the HTML files in dist
  • Generates a robots.txt file
  • Configuration can be found in src/site/robots.njk

Tailwind CSS Notes

  • All Tailwind settings can be found in ./tailwind.config.js
  • Most styles should be written as utility classes in the template markup but custom SCSS can be used for unique properties and/or magic numbers
  • Utilize the @apply directive when writing custom SCSS for efficiency:
svg {
    @apply u-inline-block u-fill-current;
  • Tailwind settings can be accessed with the theme() function:
.button {
    animation-duration: theme('transitionDuration.normal');
  • Media queries can be used with the shorthand screen() function:
.button {
    margin-right: 2.8rem;
    @screen sm {
        margin-right: 4.2rem;


  • Matt Lee - @bymattlee on most platforms
  • Visit my website at

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