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Alternatives To React Web Animation
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react-web-animation is a set of React components that expose the Web Animations API in a declarative way.

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Check out how you can use it here -


Why use this over other animation libraries for React? react-web-animation uses the Web Animations API polyfill so eventually it will use the native browser implementation and not depend on any third-party animation frameworks or CSS. Chrome has the greatest support for these today and if you view the source on the demos, you can see it isn't using CSS at all!

Web Animations API

Want to know more about the Web Animations API? Here are some great resources.


react-web-animation requires the following peer dependencies to be installed

npm install react
npm install react-dom
npm install prop-types
npm install react-web-animation

react-web-animation has a runtime dependency on the next version Web Animations API polyfill. The easiest way to get this is to grab it from cdnjs and include it in your application.

<script src=""></script>


  • Animate Single Elements with a <Animated.[componentName]> e.g. <Animated.div> and control play state (play, pause, stop, reverse)
  • Animate Single Elements with a <Animation> and control play state (play, pause, stop, reverse)
  • Animate Multiple animations in parallel with a <AnimationGroup>, controlling them with one timeline
  • Animate Multiple animations serially with a <AnimationSequence>, controlling them with one timeline


Creating an animated element is as simple using an <Animated.[elementName]> component and supplying keyframes and a timing config.

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { Animated } from 'react-web-animation';

export default class Basic extends Component {

    getKeyFrames() {
        return [
            { transform: 'scale(1)',    opacity: 1,     offset: 0 },
            { transform: 'scale(.5)',   opacity: 0.5,   offset: 0.3 },
            { transform: 'scale(.667)', opacity: 0.667, offset: 0.7875 },
            { transform: 'scale(.6)',   opacity: 0.6,   offset: 1 }

    getTiming( duration ) {
        return {
            easing: 'ease-in-out',
            delay: 0,
            iterations: 2,
            direction: 'alternate',
            fill: 'forwards'

    render() {
            <Animated.div keyframes={this.getKeyFrames()}
                    Web Animations API Rocks

Advanced Usage

For more advanced usage, head over to the source documentation or check out the



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