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This is a starter Material Design WordPress Theme based off the Bootstrap framework.

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Getting Started

Upload the theme to your WordPress directory in wp-content/themes/


The Material Design WordPress Theme was started in 2014 by Brad Williams.


Without the following projects/people this theme wouldn't be possible:


Basic colors changes can be made in the WordPress Customizer ( Appearance -> Customize -> Colors).

If you need to further customize the theme, it is recommended that you first create a child theme so you will be able to update the theme in the future. You can read how to create a WordPress Child theme here.


  1. Run npm install to install Node.js dependencies
  2. Run gulp this will start all watch tasks and run browser-sync
  3. Start making customizations

Documentation, FAQs, and More

If youre interested in helping or have any questions, please let me know.

Material Design Themes

Check out other Material Design WordPress themes and templates over at



  • update to Bootstrap 4
  • add home template -hard coded
  • add cards to posts/pages and widgets


  • update to Bootstrap 4 Beta 2
  • drop bower for npm
  • add gulp
  • use newer version of underscores
  • add full width page template


  • add option for hide sidebar in archives
  • add option for layout columns in archives


  • add bower
  • remove unyson

0.0.1 - 0.0.2

  • Intial releases
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