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As a Web developer, much of my time is spent researching and attempting to master different frameworks. I have developed this repo in an attempt to capture this research. My thinking (hope) is driven by the adage if everything begins in the house, then (perhaps) the "house always wins". At the same time, to learn anything, I am someone who has to build something. The link:scripts/[] script is that thing. Essentially, it is Command Line Interface (CLI) for quickly getting started with over 25 different languages and libraries. At present, it can be used to create a localized sandbox (aka fiddle) for any of the following languages and frameworks:

[width="90%",cols="m,m,m,m"] |========================================================= |link:fiddles/android[Android] |link:fiddles/angular[Angular 1.5] |link:fiddles/angular2-cli[Angular Cli] |link:fiddles/ant[Ant] |link:fiddles/aws/readme.adoc[AWS] |link:fiddles/bash[Bash] |link:fiddles/c[C] |link:fiddles/chef[Chef] |link:fiddles/chrome[Chrome] |link:fiddles/compass[Compass] |link:fiddles/d3[D3] |link:fiddles/docker[Docker] |link:fiddles/dojo[Dojo] |link:fiddles/electron[Electron] |link:fiddles/ember[Ember] |link:fiddles/extjs5[ExtJS 5] |link:fiddles/extjs6[ExtJS 6] |link:fiddles/java[Java EE] |link:fiddles/javac[Java] |link:fiddles/jquery[Jquery / ES6] |link:fiddles/meteor[Meteor] |link:fiddles/nativeScript[NativeScript] |link:fiddles/node[Node] |link:fiddles/php[PHP] |link:fiddles/python[Python] |link:fiddles/react[React] |link:fiddles/rxjs[RxJS] |link:fiddles/svg[SVG] |link:fiddles/three[Three.js] |link:fiddles/tween[Tween.js] |=========================================================

To get started, with any of the frameworks listed, use the above links to explore the associated collection. To learn about my latest changes check out the detailed[change log]. To test drive the in-browser version of this collection checkout link:[]. For my coursework notes at the Illinois Institute of Technology visit link:[]. Finally, for my current focus, Chef certification / AWS mastery, visit link:[] or link:[].

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python (54,523
php (16,621
c (15,512
android (6,363
nodejs (3,806
docker (2,921
angular (1,313
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