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MTDevise Rails 5.1 Multi-Tenancy Engine Documentation

PHC MTDevise Rails 5.1 engine adds multi-tenant and account management features to rails Devise gem. Plataformatec Devise and required custom Bootstrap Devise views included.

  • Multi-tenancy using subdomain scoping and account_id column.
  • Adds basecamp style logins to devise authentication gem.
  • Welcome, Dashboard with custom Devise views included.
  • Highly customizable views and layouts using standard bootstrap 3 code.
  • Central login screen for all tenants (users) or logins through a subdomain.
  • Mis-Spelling and redirect to welcome screen if subdomain none-existent.
  • Compatible with postgre, mysql and sqlite (for dev environments).

Step 1 - Add user model to your app (Must be Done First!!)

Generate a user.rb file in your mainapp and add the code below

rails g model User
include Mtdevise::UserStorage

Step 2 - Add Mtdevise to your gemfile and run command

gem 'mtdevise', '~> 16.0'
bundle exec install

Step 3 - Add and migrate mtdevise database tables

rake railties:install:migrations
rake db:migrate

Step 4 - Configure ActionMailer

  • Mailer functions are required in order for mtdevise to operate.
  • Mailer is used for confirmation and password reset functions.

Step 5 - Mount the Engine in your Routes File

Add this line at the end of the routes file.

mount Mtdevise::Engine, :at => '/'

Step 6 - Constrain the routs you want secured

All the routes you want to have multi-tenacy login functions goes in between the constraints block.

constraints(Mtdevise::Constraints::SubdomainRequired) do
	# Routes Requiring Security & Multi-Tenancy Routes  

Step 7 - Modifications to MainApp Controllers & Database

Your app needs modification to controllers (example)
Any corresponding db database tables must have an accounts_id column


Step 8 - Add mtdevise extension to models

Add the mtdevise extension to the top of all models for the routes configured in the previous step.

def self.scoped_to(account)
	where(:account_id =>

Step 9 - Configure scopes in your controller

Scope your controllers. Examples on github wiki or multi-tenant starter app.


Step 10 - Environment (ENV) Variables

Set a sent from email address for confirmation and password reset emails more info here. .

PHC_MTDEVISE_SENDER = [email protected]

Additional Information

Views - Mtdevise Views Can be Customized

Once installed views can be generated and customized to your apps needs.

rails generate mtdevise:views
rake assets:clobber
rake assets:precompile

Additional Documentation

Multi-Tenant Starter App
Documentation (Github Wiki)
Environment Variables
Issues & Bug Reports
Past Security Patch Notes
Managed by PHCNetworks

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