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更强大的版本请看 该版本后续可能会较少更新了。

A more powerful version, please see , this one perhaps will not be updated.




A Burp Suite extender that try to find sub-domains,similar domains and related domains of an organization automatically, not only domain. Some times similar domain and related domains give you surprise^_^. that's why I care about it.



  1. download this burp extender from here.
  2. add it to burp suite. you will see a new tab named “Domain Hunter”, if no error encountered.
  3. visit your target website(or App) with burp proxy enabled, ensure burp recorded http or https traffic of your target.
  4. you can just switch to the "domain hunter" tab, input the domain that you want to search and click "Search" button.
  5. or you can run "Crawl" firstly to try to find more sub-domains and similar domains.




change log

2017-07-28: Add a function to crawl all known subdomains; fix some bug.

2018-07-06: Add the ability to get related domains by get SANs object of certification.

2018-08-03: Use thread to speed up get related-domains.

2018-09-18: Optimize some steps to reduce memory usage.

2018-09-19: Update getSANs() method to void get domains of CDN provider.

2018-09-20: Update logic of getting possible https URLs that may contain related-domains

2018-09-21: Update logic of "includeInScope" and "sendToSpider" to reduces UI action time

2018-09-29: Add Upload function to support upload result to your site or system

2018-10-30: Big Change: try to find sub-domains, similar domains , related domains of an organization(enterprise), not only a domain.

2018-11-01: Add "Add to domain hunter" menu in site map tree.

2019-07-06: Use multiple thread to improve search speed. Use regex to find more domain in every response.

xmind of domain collection




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