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Feature toggle bundle on steroids! Flagception is a simple and powerful feature toggle system for php. This bundle integrates the Flagception PHP Libary for symfony 2.7 to 5.* (and php 5.6 to php7.*).

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Bundle Version (Tag) Support Symfony Branch
<=3 2.7 - 4.4 3.x
>=4 4.4 - current master
$ composer require flagception/flagception-bundle


Quick example

Set some feature in your config (or use your own activator for fetching features from wherever you want) ...


    # Your Features (optional you left it empty)
        # Feature name as key
            # Default flag if inactive or active (default: false)
            default: true
        # Feature state from an environment variable
            env: FEATURE_ENV_ABC
        # Feature with constraint (active if user id is 12 OR it is between 8 am and 6 pm)
            constraint: 'user_id == 12 or (date("H") > 8 and date("H") < 18)'
        # All togther (chain)
            default: false
            env: FEATURE_ENV_ABC
            constraint: 'user_id == 12 or (date("H") > 8 and date("H") < 18)'

... and use it in controller, services or twig:

{% if feature('feature_123') %}
    {# Execute if feature is active ... #}
{% endif %}

See usage documentation for detailed examples.


This bundle ships a profiler tab, where you can see how often a feature was requested, which results it returns (active or inactive) and the given context.

Image of Profiler


Profiler icon from

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