Little State Machine

📠 React custom hook for persist state management
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Finite state machines for building accessible design systems and UI components.
React Automata1,2931344 years ago27August 27, 201814mitJavaScript
A state machine abstraction for React
Little State Machine1,269
2 months ago8mitTypeScript
📠 React custom hook for persist state management
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🔥 React Machinery provides a simple to use, component based approach to state machines in react.
4 years ago1mitSwift
Reactive + Automaton + VTree in Swift, inspired by Elm.
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📠 Little State Machine

State management made super simple

npm downloads npm npm

✨ Features

  • Tiny with 0 dependency and simple (715B gzip)
  • Persist state by default (sessionStorage or localStorage)
  • Build with React Hooks

📦 Installation

$ npm install little-state-machine


🔗 StateMachineProvider

This is a Provider Component to wrapper around your entire app in order to create context.

  <App />

🔗 createStore

Function to initialize the global store, invoked at your app root (where <StateMachineProvider /> lives).

function log(store) {
  return store;

    yourDetail: { firstName: '', lastName: '' } // it's an object of your state
     name?: string; // rename the store
     middleWares?: [ log ]; // function to invoke each action
     storageType?: Storage; // session/local storage (default to session)
     persist?: 'action' // onAction is default if not provided
     // when 'none' is used then state is not persisted
     // when 'action' is used then state is saved to the storage after store action is completed
     // when 'beforeUnload' is used then state is saved to storage before page unloa

🔗 useStateMachine

This hook function will return action/actions and state of the app.

const { actions, state, getState } = useStateMachine<T>({

📖 Example

Check out the Demo.

import React from 'react';
import {
} from 'little-state-machine';

  yourDetail: { name: '' },

function updateName(state, payload) {
  return {
    yourDetail: {

function YourComponent() {
  const { actions, state } = useStateMachine({ updateName });

  return (
    <div onClick={() => actions.updateName({ name: 'bill' })}>

const App = () => (
    <YourComponent />

⌨️ Type Safety (TS)

You can create a global.d.ts file to declare your GlobalState's type.

Checkout the example.

import 'little-state-machine';

declare module 'little-state-machine' {
  interface GlobalState {
    yourDetail: {
      name: string;

💁‍♂️ Tutorial

Quick video tutorial on little state machine.

⚒ DevTool

DevTool component to track your state change and action.

import { DevTool } from 'little-state-machine-devtools';

  <DevTool />

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