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Pug-Sass Starter project.

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This is a Pug and Sass starter project using gulp for task automation.


If you still need Jade support use this project instead.

This project uses...

  1. browser-sync to launch a local server and do live reloads as sass and pug files changes
  2. gulp-pug to compile pug files.
  3. gulp-data to pass data to pug. this project uses JSON as the data source, however you can generate data objects from a variety of sources: json, front-matter, database, etc... see gulp-data README
  4. gulp-sass to compile sass files.
  5. gulp-autoprefixer to add vendor prefixes to css files

To run

  • Execute npm install from this directory to install dev dependencies.
  • Execute gulp to run all tasks, launch the browser sync local server and watch for changes.

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