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An elegant pair of Vim colour schemes with minimal syntax highlighting that care about the little details.

Photon (dark theme)

Antiphoton (light theme)

The font in the above screenshots is Inconsolata created by Raph Levien.


Install this colour scheme using your preferred method, then place one of the following lines in your Vim configuration.

" Dark theme
colorscheme photon

" Light theme
colorscheme antiphoton

No other configuration should be required.

What makes Photon different? (Photon vs. Paramount)

Photon is a rewrite of Paramount, using RNB as the generator. Its aim is to expand Paramount's goal — "only [placing] emphasis on the paramount" — to the rest of Vim's interface whilst fixing its inconsistencies.

A new colour was also introduced (the orange) which is used to place additional emphasis on the most important temporary things, such as TODOs, matching parenthesis, first matching search result, etc.

The following images make for a good comparison of just a few of the big interface differences between Photon (left) and Paramount (right):

Photon Paramount
Comparison image of Photon Comparison image of Paramount


Be sure to check out the contrib branch for ports of the Photon and Antiphoton themes to other tools.

Current ports:


Based on the paramount and space-vim-dark colour schemes. Made possible thanks to Romain Lafourcade's RNB Vim colour scheme template.

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