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9 days ago106otherMakefile
This is a tutorial we are using for Django Girls workshops
Django Auditlog78840715 days ago19June 27, 202255mitPython
A Django app that keeps a log of changes made to an object.
Mayan Edms398
7 months ago14otherPython
Free Open Source Document Management System (mirror, no pull request or issues)
Treeherder241632a day ago15February 20, 201915otherJavaScript
A system for managing CI data for Mozilla projects
Django By Example Book238
6 years ago1Python
Code for the book Django By Example https://www.packtpub.com/web-development/django-example
Django Formwizard97
312 years ago4June 17, 201112bsd-3-clausePython
A rewrite of django's formwizard with pluggable storages
6 years ago29JavaScript
살까 말까 할 땐 담아라. 통합 장바구니 카트망고
Summer Code Jam 202034
2 years ago11mitJavaScript
The repository for the 2020 summer code jam. Find more information at https://pythondiscord.com/pages/code-jams/code-jam-7/
4 years ago10apache-2.0Python
A multi project Github pull request viewer
2 months ago2otherHTML
📺 The DjangoCon US 2021 conference website
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Emergent is an experimental project with full access for everyone. Just send a pull request and you'll be added as a contributor. Main idea is to organize ourselves and create something exciting.

Libraries and server configurations

We are at the very beginning right now and it's not very clear how to interact with the server. So if you want any specific configuration or libraries feel free to open an issue, or talk to @averrin.


We decided to use Django on this stage. There is a basic Django installation ready to use. Python requirements are installing automatically from requirements.txt.

Django admin's credentials are admin:admin


Workflow is under development but we have some notes and rules already:

  1. To join the project just send a pull request. You will be added as contributor.
  2. We communicate mostly in Russian. But if you are considering to join us and don't speak Russian we can switch to (bad) English. Please let us know.
  3. We love PEP8 and use Travis to keep the code clean.
  4. Before starting to work on some feature and after all discussions please create a task and let all members know what are you working on. All commits related to this issue must contain issue number (#000) in commit message.
  5. Create feature branches for non-trivial stuff.



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