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A dynamic UI theme for Atom that (kinda) follows Google's Material Design Guidelines. Best with Atom Material Syntax.

Inspired by Mattia Astorino's SublimeText theme.


Fire up a console and type:

apm install atom-material-ui

Or, inside Atom's settings select Install and then search for this package.


Atom Material UI supports different accent colors. To change it, go to Settings > Themes and click the cog icon next to the theme selector.

You'll find the color picker there.


Here's the obligatory screenshot.

With Atom Material Syntax

apm install atom-material-syntax

With Light syntax theme variant

apm install atom-material-syntax-light

With Dark syntax theme variant

apm install atom-material-syntax-dark


Please check the file.


You can download the redesigned icon from dropbox. It's a ZIP file containing multiple resolution PNGs, ICNS and ICO formats. Windows ICO converted by Akshit Tripathi.


Atom Material UI is licensed under MIT.

View the license file here

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