Awesome Computer Science Opportunities

An awesome list of events and fellowship opportunities for Computer Science students
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Build Your Own X202,962
4 days ago1March 16, 2022287
Master programming by recreating your favorite technologies from scratch.
Awesome React55,934
13 hours ago5
A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem
Awesome Flutter46,593
a month ago56Dart
An awesome list that curates the best Flutter libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.
Awesome Docker25,412
5 days agoapache-2.0
:whale: A curated list of Docker resources and projects
Awesome Pytorch List13,909
2 months ago3
A comprehensive list of pytorch related content on github,such as different models,implementations,helper libraries,tutorials etc.
Machine Learning Tutorials12,876
5 months ago33cc0-1.0
machine learning and deep learning tutorials, articles and other resources
Awesome Competitive Programming10,905
3 months ago24cc-by-4.0
:gem: A curated list of awesome Competitive Programming, Algorithm and Data Structure resources
Awesome Hacking9,963
2 months ago23mit
A curated list of awesome Hacking tutorials, tools and resources
Awesome Nextjs8,776
12 days ago59
:notebook_with_decorative_cover: :books: A curated list of awesome resources : books, videos, articles about using Next.js (A minimalistic framework for universal server-rendered React applications)
52 Technologies In 20167,077
4 years ago49mitJavaScript
Let's learn a new technology every week. A new technology blog every Sunday in 2016.
Alternatives To Awesome Computer Science Opportunities
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An awesome list of events and fellowship opportunities for computer science students


Learning Platform

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Competitive Programming

  • HackerRank - Solve code challenges to prepare for programming interviews.
  • HackerEarth - Solve code challenges to help companies find innovative solutions for their businesses.
  • CodeChef - Non-profit competitive programming platform.
  • TopCoder - Participate in code challenges and help solve real world problems.
  • CodeForces - Russian website dedicated to competitive programming.
  • ProjectEuler - Solve computational and mathematical problems using your programming skills.
  • Spoj - Programming contests with online judging system.
  • InterviewBit - A platform to learn and practice coding interview questions.
  • VisuAlgo - Visualizing data structures and algorithms through animation.
  • LeetCode - Develop programming skills for your next interview.
  • FireCode - An online coding interview preparation.
  • CodeWars - Code challenges platform to level up your skills.
  • CodinGame - Learn to code by playing games.
  • CodeForces - Online platform that hosts competitions and problem sets
  • DailyProgrammer - Solutions to programming challenges, peer reviewed with community feedback.
  • CodeFights - Practice programming and land a job.
  • UVa - Programming contests with online judging system.
  • Stanford ACM ICPC - Stanford Notebook provides printable templates usable during online/on-site contests.
  • Exercism - Solve programming challenges from your terminal.
  • DailyCodingProblem - Get exceptionally good at coding interviews by solving one problem every day.
  • - Russian programming contests
  • Timus Online Judge - Programming contests with online judging system.
  • DMOJ: Modern Online Judge - contest platform and archive of programming problems
  • Rose Code - Programming challenges with leaderboards and blog posts
  • Coderbyte - Programming challenges and specific routes to help learn specific skills
  • Code Golf - Programming challenges with individual leaderboards for problems
  • Daily Coding Problem - Get emailed a new coding problem every day
  • Halite - Create AI to face off against other people's AI. More specialized on AI
  • Advent of Code - A yearly set of coding challenges that published with leaderboards
  • StopStalk - A tool to analyse and improve your Competitive Programming Progress

Web Development

  • Learn Enough to Be Dangerous - Free online coding tutorials on JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, CSS and more.
  • FreeCodeCamp - Coding tutorials and challenges.
  • Thimble - Free online code editor, web server, web browser & developer tools.
  • NodeSchool - Open source workshops that teach web software skills.
  • The Odin Project - A full free open source coding curriculum.
  • Egghead - Video tutorials on popular JavaScript frameworks.
  • Codecademy - Free and premium interactive tutorials for various languages.
  • CodeSchool - Combination of video and interactive tutorials.
  • MDN web docs - Web development articles by Mozilla.
  • W3Schools - Tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.
  • Eloquent JavaScript - An online book about JavaScript.
  • Coder-Coder - Tutorials on Web Development from basics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.
  • CodeCraft - Provide Web Development Courses on JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 5 for free.
  • Scrimba - Provides Web Development Courses with a unique feature of live interaction with the instructor's code.
  • FrontendMasters - In-depth and advanced video tutorials on Frontend Devlopment from experts in the industry.
  • MiguelGrinberg - In-depth and beginner friendly tutorial on using Flask with an interesting sample project.

Mobile Development


Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science

Open Source

  • Up For Grabs - Start exploring open source projects and get involved in them.
  • 24 Pull Requests - Yearly initiative to encourage developers to send 24 pull requests during December.
  • HacktoberFest - Similar to 24PullRequests, gives swag for 4 accepted pull requests.
  • OpenHatch - Non-profit providing tools for new open source contributors.
  • First Timers Only - Beginners-friendly open source projects.
  • Your First PR - Helps you make a contribution by showcasing great starter issues on Github.
  • Awesome For Beginners - A list of awesome beginners-friendly projects.
  • CodeTriage - Pick your favorite projects to receive a different issue in your inbox every day.
  • Open Source Friday - Helps you find a project to contribute to.


How to start? - blogs



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  • Udacity - Free and paid online classes.
  • Coursera - Courses from schools and universities like Stanford and Yale.
  • Udemy - Online learning and teaching platform.
  • edX - Free online courses from institutions like Harvard, MIT, Microsoft and more.
  • Codecademy - Online learning platform for coding.
  • MIT OPENCOURSEWARE - Browse and learn with free MIT courses' material.
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy - Free courses on IT basic concepts and Microsoft products and services.
  • Awesome Courses - List of awesome university courses for learning Computer Science.
  • Lynda - Online learning platform.
  • Stanford Online - Stanford's courses platform.
  • Pluralsight - Paid learning platform made to help you build your career or land a job.
  • Khan Academy - Free online learning platform.
  • Sololearn - Learn coding from the ground up for free!! (also available on android)
  • Y Combinator - Learn how engineering works at a Y Combinator startup
  • - Free courses from the University of Helsinki's Department of Computer Science.


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Programming Events

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  • Google Summer of Code - A global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development.
  • Google CodeJam - Google’s largest coding competition.
  • Google Kickstart - Many online rounds to give students the opportunity to develop their coding skills and pursue a career at Google.
  • Google HashCode - Programming competition organized by Google for students and industry professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Google Code-in - A competition for pre-university students(13 to 17 years old) to introduce themselves to the world of open source by doing small tasks for various open source projects.
  • ACM-ICPC - The International Collegiate Programming Contest is an algorithmic programming contest for college students.
  • Facebook HackerCup - Annual programming contest organized by Facebook.
  • List of Open Source Internship Programs - Includes Rails Girls Summer of Code and Outreachy.
  • Hactoberfest - Organized by Digital Ocean in October.
  • IEEEXtreme - Annual 24 hour long team contest for IEEE members.


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  • Devpost - Online or in-person hackathons browsing platform.
  • - Browse in-person hackathons.
  • Hackalist - List of upcoming hackathons.
  • AngelHack - Hackathon planning organization.
  • Hackevents - Hackathons search engine.
  • Yelp Dataset Challenge - The challenge is a chance for students to conduct research or analysis on our data and share their discoveries with Yelp.
  • hack.summit() - Virtual conference where you can learn from the world's most renowned programmers.
  • Major League Hacking Event Page - A list of a ton of events that are sponsored by the official hackathon league
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup-Bring your tech idea to life with the Imagine Cup and make a difference through creativity, collaboration, and competition.

General Opportunities

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