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React boilerplate with ES2015, Express.js, and Webpack

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  • React (v16) + Redux (v3) + React Router (v4)
  • Express.js (v4) as production and development server
  • Webpack 4 (production and development configurations)
  • SCSS support (+ sanitize.css included)
  • ES2015+


  • preconfigured router
  • React Material UI example theme
  • preconfigured modal windows
  • preconfigured eslint and Prettier code formatter
  • React Hot Loader
  • Linux/MacOS/Windows


Demo UI view:

Demo view

Development .js bundles:

Development js bundles

Production .js bundles:

Production js bundles

Production mode server output:

Production js bundles



git clone [email protected]:antonfisher/react-express-webpack.git
cd react-express-webpack
npm install

# remove boilerplate git references
rm ./.git


# run development mode
npm run dev

# run production mode
npm run build
npm start

# run prettier
npm run prettier

# run lint
npm run lint

# run on a different port
HTTP_PORT=3001 npm run dev


MIT License. Free use and change.

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