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Android TV Samples Repository

This repository contains a set of individual Android TV projects to help you get started writing Android TV apps.

  • AccessibilityDemo: A Java sample showing how to support accessibility on TVs
  • ClassicsKotlin: A modern Android TV app using Kotlin to show classic videos
  • Leanback: A Java app that demonstrates a basic Android TV app
  • Leanback Showcase: A Java app that demonstrates many different parts of the Leanback SDK and how to customize them
  • ReferenceAppKotlin: Our newest sample that demonstrates a variety of Android TV and Google TV integrations in Kotlin

Getting Started

  • Clone this repo:
git clone
  • Open the specific project(s) you're interested in within Android Studio

Need more information about getting started with Android TV? Check the official getting started guide.

Additional Resouroces


If you need additional help, our community might be able to help.


See the LICENSE file for details.

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