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A collection of awesome things regarding Vercel's Micro — Asynchronous HTTP microservices.






  • micro-analytics - Public analytics as a Node.js microservice, no sysadmin experience required.
  • micro-stats - Statsd helper for Micro.

Loggers, Errors & Reporting


  • micro-ratelimit - Rate limiting middleware for Micro.
  • micro-logzio - A middleware for micro framework that logs requests and responses using service.
  • micro-cors - Simple CORS middleware.
  • micro-ajv - An Ajv (Another JSON Schema Validator) middleware for Micro.
  • micro-mw - A simple library for abstracting middleware away from ZEIT Micro routes / functions.
  • micro-nosniff - Prevents mime type sniffing
  • micro-csrf - Anti-CSRF middleware.


HTTP Requests

  • micro-bunyan-request - Request, response logger middleware using bunyan for micro framework.
  • micro-get - Only accepts GET request for microservices built with Micro.
  • micro-post - Only accepts POST request for microservices built with Micro.
  • micro-redirect - A redirect function for Zeit's micro.
  • micro-chain - Builds flexible requests chains and pass them into micro handler.
  • micro-correlation-id - Correlate http requests across microservices.
  • micro-protocol - Get the protocol of the request (optionally following proxies).
  • micro-host - Get the host of the request (optionally following proxies).
  • micro-hostname - Get the hostname (host without port) of the request (optionally following proxies)

Higher Order


  • micro-compress - Compression for HTTP microservices.
  • serve-handler - Static file serving and directory listing handler, used by Serve
  • micro-helmet - Security headers for micro, using the popular Helmet module
  • micro-cacheable - A micro utility for data caching
  • micro-health - An extension of micro with a Health Check API
  • micronize - Simple way of enhacing a function with Zeit's Micro framework (usefull for serverless environment, ie: now & aws lambda).
  • micro-cookie-session - Simple cookie-based session storage for micro.
  • micro-query - Simple querystring parser for Zeit's Micro.
  • micro-cookie - Cookie parsing for Zeit's Micro.
  • micro-match - A simple url matching utility for micro.
  • micro-chain - Builds flexible requests chains and pass them into micro handler.

Deployment Tools

Development Tools


Articles & FAQ

Built with Micro

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