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Algolia Search API Client for Android

Our Android API client is legacy, and in maintenance mode only. We recommend using our Kotlin API client which is better suited for Android development.

Algolia Search is a hosted search engine capable of delivering realtime results from the first keystroke.

The Algolia Search API Client for Android lets you easily use the Algolia Search REST API from your Android code.

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Note: If you were using version 2.x of our Android client, read the migration guide to version 3.x.

You can browse the automatically generated reference documentation.

This project is open-source under the MIT License.


Your contributions are welcome! Please use our formatting configuration to keep the coding style consistent.

API Documentation

You can find the full reference on Algolia's website.

  1. Contributing

  2. Install

  3. Quick Start

  4. Push data

  5. Configure

  6. Search

  7. List of available methods

  8. Getting Help

  9. List of available methods

Getting Started


Install the Android client by adding the following dependency to your Gradle build file:

dependencies {
    // [...]
    implementation 'com.algolia:algoliasearch-android:3.+'
    // This will automatically update to the latest v3 release when you build your project

Quick Start

In 30 seconds, this quick start tutorial will show you how to index and search objects.

Initialize the client

To start, you need to initialize the client. To do this, you need your Application ID and API Key. You can find both on your Algolia account.

Client client = new Client("YourApplicationID", "YourAPIKey");
Index index = client.getIndex("your_index_name");

Warning: If you are building a native app on mobile, make sure not to include the search API key directly in the source code. You should instead consider fetching the key from your servers during the app's startup.

Push data

Without any prior configuration, you can start indexing contacts in the contacts index using the following code:

Index index = client.initIndex("contacts");
index.addObjectAsync(new JSONObject()
     .put("firstname", "Jimmie")
     .put("lastname", "Barninger")
     .put("followers", 93)
     .put("company", "California Paint"), null);
index.addObjectAsync(new JSONObject()
     .put("firstname", "Warren")
     .put("lastname", "Speach")
     .put("followers", 42)
     .put("company", "Norwalk Crmc"), null);


You can customize settings to fine tune the search behavior. For example, you can add a custom ranking by number of followers to further enhance the built-in relevance:

JSONObject settings = new JSONObject().append("customRanking", "desc(followers)");
index.setSettingsAsync(settings, null);

You can also configure the list of attributes you want to index by order of importance (most important first).

Note: Algolia is designed to suggest results as you type, which means you'll generally search by prefix. In this case, the order of attributes is crucial to decide which hit is the best.

JSONObject settings = new JSONObject()
      .put("searchableAttributes", "lastname")
      .put("searchableAttributes", "firstname")
      .put("searchableAttributes", "company");
index.setSettingsAsync(settings, null);


You can now search for contacts by firstname, lastname, company, etc. (even with typos):

CompletionHandler completionHandler = new CompletionHandler() {
    public void requestCompleted(JSONObject content, AlgoliaException error) {
        // [...]
// Search for a first name
index.searchAsync(new Query("jimmie"), completionHandler);
// Search for a first name with typo
index.searchAsync(new Query("jimie"), completionHandler);
// Search for a company
index.searchAsync(new Query("california paint"), completionHandler);
// Search for a first name and a company
index.searchAsync(new Query("jimmie paint"), completionHandler);

List of available methods





Manage indices

API keys


Query rules

A/B Test




Getting Help

  • Need help? Ask a question to the Algolia Community or on Stack Overflow.
  • Encountering an issue? Before reaching out to support, we recommend heading to our FAQ where you will find answers for the most common issues and gotchas with the client.
  • Found a bug? You can open a GitHub issue.

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