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I'm not maintainig this project anymore. If you want a simpler solution check out a simpler version of the same project

The ultimate TeX Makefile


Just get a built makefile from the latest release and put it in your TeX project folder.


To build you have to initialize the submodules:

git submodule init
git submodule update

and then just hit


You will need the macro processor m4.

Quick start

Just drop the Makefile in your project directory and hit make. The makefile should recognise the main document automatically by looking for a \begin{document} in the tex file of the current directory.

The main idea of the makefile is not to modify it directly, but rather through a make configuration file There you can set many important variables for the project, like the verbosity QUIET=1 and many more.

Features overview

  • Build in a different directory.
  • Multi bibtex files.
  • Automatic handling of the table of contents (smart recompilation).
  • Automatic handling of bibtex (smart recompilation).
  • Import .sty files (latex packages) from custom directory.
  • Distribution making for sending documents to the publisher.
  • Automatic recognition of included graphics.
    • Automatic asymptote compilation.
    • Automatic gnuplot compilation.
    • Automatic python figures compilation.

Overridable variables

  • VAR_NAME(DEFAULT): Brief description. If the default value is too long to appear it is omitted and a see is put in its place. If there is no default value then the keyword empty appears.

  • SH(bash): Shell used

  • SHELL(see): Alias for `SHELL'

  • PY(python): Python interpreter

  • PYTHON(see): Alias for `PY'

  • PERL(perl): Perl command

  • GREP(grep): Grep program version

  • FIND(find): Find utility

  • SED(see): sed program version

  • AWK(see): awk program to use

  • CTAGS(ctags): For creating tags

  • READLINK(see): To get complete paths

  • XARGS(xargs): xargs program to use

  • TR(tr): tr program to use

  • GIT(git): git version to use

  • WHICH(which): which program to use

  • SORT(sort): sort program to use

  • UNIQ(uniq): uniq program to use

  • MAKE(see): Makefile binary

  • RM(rm): rm command

  • CXX(g++): C++ compiler

  • CC(gcc): C compiler

  • FC(gfortran): Fortran compiler

  • BUILD_DIR(.): Folder to build the project

  • LATEX(pdflatex): Shell utilities

  • PDFLATEX(pdflatex): Main pdflatex engine

  • QUIET(0): If secondary programs output is shown

  • QQUIET(empty): If the log messages should be also muted

  • DEBUG(empty): If the commands issued should be printed write DEBUG=1 if you want to see all commands.

  • TPUT(see): For coloring

  • WITH_COLOR(1): If messages should have color

  • DBG_FILE(.makefile-dbg):

  • COLOR_R(see): Red

  • COLOR_G(see): Green

  • COLOR_Y(see): Yellow

  • COLOR_DB(see): Dark blue

  • COLOR_L(see): Lila

  • COLOR_LB(see): Light blue

  • COLOR_E(see): Empty color

  • ARROW(@echo "see):

  • ARROW(@echo "===>"):

  • ECHO(@echo):

  • MAIN_SRC(see): Main texfile in the current directory

  • FMT(pdf): Format to build to

  • VIEW(1): If BUILD_DOCUMENT should be previewed after building

  • INCLUDES_REC(3): Depth for discovering automatically included texfiles

  • INCLUDES(see): Texfiles included in the main tex file

  • TEXFILES(see): All texfiles in the project

  • BIBTEX_FILES(see): Bibtex files in the current directory

  • PREFIX(see): Source directory

  • BUILD_DIR(.): Folder to build the project

  • BUILD_DIR_FLAG(see): Build dir flag for latex. If BUILD_DIR = . then BUILD_DIR_FLAG is not defined, else BUILD_DIR = -output-directory $(BUILD_DIR)

  • PACKAGES_DIR(libtex): Tex libraries directory

  • PACKAGES_FILES(see): Which files are tex libraries

  • DEFAULT_DEPENDENCIES(\): Default dependencies for BUILD_DOCUMENT

  • DEPENDENCIES(see): General dependencies for BUILD_DOCUMENT

  • TOC_DEP(see): These files are to keep track of the dependencies for latex or pdf includes, table of contents generation or figure recognition

  • FIGS_DEP(see):

  • DEPS_DIR(.deps): Folder to keep makefile dependencies

  • FIGURES(empty): Figures included in all texfiles

  • BIBTEX(bibtex): For converting document formats

  • ASYMPTOTE(asy): For asymptote figures

  • GNUPLOT(gnuplot): Gnuplot interpreter

  • PDF_VIEWER(see): Recognise pdf viewer automagically

  • RM(rm): Remove command

  • RM_FLAGS(-rf):

  • CLEAN_FILES(see): Files to be cleaned

  • DIST_DIR(dist): Distribution directory

  • LATEXDIFF(latexdiff-git): For creating differences in a repository

  • DIFF(HEAD HEAD~1): Commits to compute the difference from


  • DIFF_BUILD_DIR(see):

  • DIFF_SRC_NAME(diff.tex):

  • SPELLER(aspell): Speller program to use

  • SPELL_DIR(.spell): Directory to store spelling related information

  • SPELL_LANG(en): Language for the spelling program

  • CHECK_SPELL(empty): Wether or not spelling should be checked

  • TEX_LINTER(chktex): For checking tex syntax


  • CTAGS_OPTIONS(--language-force=latex -R *): Options for ctags command


Bibliography generation

This generates a bbl file from a bib file For documents without a bib file, this will also be targeted, bit the '-' before the $(BIBTEX) ensures that the whole building doesn't fail because of it


Force compilation

This makefile only compiles the TeX document if it is strictly necessary, so sometimes to force compilation this target comes in handy.

make force

View document

Open and refresh pdf.

make view-pdf

Open pdf viewer

Open a viewer if there is none open viewing $(BUILD_DOCUMENT)

make open-pdf

Refresh mupdf

If the opened document is being viewed with mupdf this target uses the mupdf signal API to refresh the document.

File: clean.m4 Remove command Default clean file to be cleaned Files to be cleaned

Main cleaning

This does a main cleaning of the produced auxiliary files. Before using it check which files are going to be cleaned up.

make clean


Create a distribution folder wit the bare minimum to compile your project. For example it will consider the files in the DEPENDENCIES variable, so make sure to update or add DEPENDENCIES to it in the per user configuration.

make dist

Distribution clean

Clean distribution files

make dist-clean


This target creates differences between older versions of the main latex file by means of GIT. You have to specify the commits that you want to compare by doing

make DIFF="HEAD HEAD~3" diff

If you want to compare the HEAD commit with the commit three times older than HEAD. You can also provide a commit hash. The default value is HEAD HEAD~1.

The target creates a distribution folder located in the variable DIFF_BUILD_DIR.

make diff

Check spelling

It checks the spelling of all the tex sources using the program in the SPELLER variable. The default value of the language is english, you can change it by setting in your file


if you happen to write in french.

Wether to check spelling or not is controlled by the CHECK_SPELL variable, so if you want to check spelling set it to one


otherwise do not set it.

make spelling

Check syntax

It checks the syntax (lints) of all the tex sources using the program in the TEX_LINTER variable.

make lint

Update the makefile from source

You can always get the latest Makefile version using this target. You may override the MAKEFILE_UPDATE_URL to any path where you save your own personal makefile

make update

Ctags generation for latex documents

Generate a tags file so that you can navigate through the tags using compatible editors such as emacs or (n)vi(m).

make tags

Print a variable used by the Makefile

For debugging purposes it is useful to print out some variables that the makefile is using, for that just type make print and you will be prompted to insert the name of the variable that you want to know.

make FORCE

Print quick help

It prints a quick help in the terminal

make help

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