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Open git repositories, commits, directories, and files in the browser. See also, git-reviewers.


This script can be added as a gitconfig alias to easily browse repositories on Git hosting services (e.g. github). It is built to model arcanist's browse command. It is specifically designed to have no dependencies so it should be easily installable and very portable.

Git Browse supports opening git repositories, commits, directories, and files:


HomeBrew (preferred for MacOS)

If you use Homebrew, you can install git-browse through the homebrew-albertyw tap:

brew install albertyw/albertyw/git-browse


If you don't use Homebrew, first clone this repository to somewhere on your system (perhaps in your dotfiles repository), then run <REPOSITORY_LOCATION>/


$ git browse -h
'browse' is aliased to '!~/.dotfiles/scripts/git/git-browse/git_browse/ --path=${GIT_PREFIX:-./}'
usage: [-h] [--path PATH] [-d] [-c] [-s] [-g] [-v] [target]

Open repositories, directories, and files in the browser.

positional arguments:
  target             file, directory, git hash, or git branch you wish to browse

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --path PATH        relative path to the current git repository
  -d, --dry-run      Do not open the url in the brower, and only print to stdout
  -c, --copy         Copy url to clipboard, if available
  -s, --sourcegraph  Open objects in sourcegraph
  -g, --godocs       Open objects in godocs
  -v, --version      show program's version number and exit


Command Opens
git browse
git browse
git browse git_browse
git browse v1.1.1
git browse --sourcegraph
git browse --godocs
git browse for Bitbucket
git browse for Gitlab
git browse for Uber Phabricator

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pip install -r requirements-test.txt
mypy . --strict --ignore-missing-imports
coverage run -m unittest
coverage report


  1. Update changelog and __version__ variable with a semantic version
  2. Commit changes, create a version tag, and push both
  3. Update albertyw/homebrew-albertyw

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