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License: MIT

Android PROXy setting tool


In the security test for android apps, we can specify a local proxy server or local DNS server from the Wifi settings and use a proxy tool to check request and response. Since it is troublesome to configure this from the GUI, we created this tool so that it can be configured from the CUI.


  • adb
  • Android Device


$ pip install git+ssh://[email protected]/aktsk/aprox.git


Subcommands are assigned with alias, which is useful.

subcommand alias desc
proxy p Set local proxy server
dns d Set local DNS server(rooted device only)
clear c, cl Clear local proxy/DNS setting
manual m Access WiFi settings page on GUI

Set Proxy Server

proxy subcommand set the local proxy Server.

$ aprox proxy
Local proxy has been set up

Set DNS Server (rooted device only)

dns subcommand set the local DNS Server. This only works on rooted devices.

Fake DNS servers can be set up using PacketProxy.

$ aprox dns
200 0 Resolver command succeeded

Clear Settings

clear subcommand clear local proxy/DNS setting.

$ aprox clear
Local proxy is not configured...
Cleared local DNS settings!!

Access Wifi settings page

manual subcommand access WiFi settings page on GUI.

$ aprox manual
Starting: Intent { act=android.settings.WIRELESS_SETTINGS flg=0x4000000 }


MIT License

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