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= AeroGear UnifiedPush Server

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== Overview

The AeroGear UnifiedPush Server is a server that allows sending push notifications to different (mobile) platforms and has support for:

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== Project Info

|=== | License: | Apache License, Version 2.0 | Build: |[Maven] | Documentation: | | Issue tracker: | | Mailing lists: |!forum/aerogear[aerogear-dev] |===

== Prerequisites

|=== |[Maven] |[Docker] |===

== Getting started

=== Cloning the repository

By the following commands you will create a local directory and clone this project.


git clone cd aerogear-unifiedpush-server

=== Running locally (Standalone)

By the following commands you will create a local directory and clone this project.


mvn clean install -DskipTests; docker run -p 9999:8080 -it; docker run -p 8081:80 -it;

To access this server go to http://localhost:8081/.

NOTE: The standalone is going to use H2 as database, AMQ provides for the Wildfly using to run the UPS and it will not use the[Keycloak].

NOTE: If you would like to use Docker-Compose see link:./docker-compose/README.adoc[README].

== Configuration

=== Container Configuration

The Unified Push Server build by default creates and registers a Docker formatted container image, By default this container uses an in-memory database, in-vm amq messaging, and no authentication. While ideal for testing, for actual use the following environment variables should be set

|=== | Environment Variable | Description | KEYCLOAK_SERVICE_HOST | URL of a KeyCloak server providing authentication. | KEYCLOAK_SERVICE_PORT | KeyCloak service port. | POSTGRES_SERVICE_PORT | Port to connect to Postgres database. | POSTGRES_SERVICE_HOST | URL of Postgres database. | POSTGRES_USER | Postgres username to use. | POSTGRES_PASSWORD | Postgres password to use. | ARTEMIS_SERVICE_HOST | Artemis AMQ service URL. | ARTEMIS_SERVICE_PORT | Artemis AMQ service Port. | ARTEMIS_USER | Artemis AMQ service username. | ARTEMIS_PASSWORD | Artemis AMQ service password. |===

=== Unified Push Server

The Unified Push Server can be configured with either System Properties (passed to the Java commandline) or Environment Variables. The two options have different formats and the following list describes them using System Property Name/Env Var Name: Purpose.

|=== | Environment Variable | Description | CUSTOM_AEROGEAR_APNS_PUSH_HOST | Custom host for sending Apple push notifications. Can be used for testing. | CUSTOM_AEROGEAR_APNS_PUSH_PORT | Custom port for the Apple Push Network host. | CUSTOM_AEROGEAR_FCM_PUSH_HOST | Custom host for sending Google Firebase push notifications. Can be used for testing. | UPS_REALM_NAME | Override Keycloak Realm. | KEYCLOAK_SERVICE_HOST | Override Keycloak authentication redirect. | AEROGEAR_METRICS_STORAGE_DAYS | Override the number of days the metrics are stored (default is 30 days). | ARTEMIS_URL | URL For AMQP Server. | ARTEMIS_PORT | PORT For AMQP Server. | ARTEMIS_PASSWORD | Password for AMQP server. | ARTEMIS_USERNAME | Username for AMQP server. | UPS_DISABLED | a comma separated list of variants to be disabled per their variant type. See for more details | DOCS_PATH | File system path for documentation links json file. See docs-links as an example |===

== Releasing the UnifiedPush Server

The content of the Release Process is valid for this project as well. However, to build the full distribution bundle, you need to fire off the release like:


prepare the release and define the TAG and adjust the versions:

mvn release:prepare -Dtag=x.y.z.Final -Darguments=-Dgpg.passphrase=$MY_SECRET_PASS_PHRASE -Pdist,test

run the actual release process and load the artifacts to JBoss Nexus

mvn release:perform -DperformRelease=true -Darguments=-Dgpg.passphrase=$MY_SECRET_PASS_PHRASE -Dgpg.useagent=true -Pdist,test

== License

See link:./LICENSE.txt[LICENSE]

== Contributing

All contributions are hugely appreciated. Please see our[Contributing Guide] for guidelines on how to open issues and pull requests. Please check out our link:./.github/[Code of Conduct] too.

== Questions

There are a number of ways you can get in in touch with us, please see the[AeroGear community].

== Found a bug?

If you found a bug please create a ticket for us on Jira with some steps to reproduce it.

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