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Aerogear WebPush Server Build Status

This project is a proof of concept implementation of the WebPush Protocol specification with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the specification. IETF charter

Project Info
License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Build: Maven
Issue tracker:
Mailing lists: aerogear-users (subscribe)
aerogear-dev (subscribe)

Message batching/aggregation

Allows an application to request that a web push server deliver the same message to a potentially large set of devices, and is a separate specification called webpush-aggregate


  • This project requires Java 8.

AeroGear WebPush consists of the following modules:

  • common
    Just common classes used by multiple modules in the project.

  • datastores
    Contains implementations of various datastores. Please see the specific datastore's readme for further details.

  • api
    The WebPush server and protocol interfaces.

  • server-core
    An implementation of AeroGear WebPush Server API.

  • server-netty
    The WebPush Server implementation that uses Netty 5.x.

  • console The WebPush Client command line application.

Please refer to the above modules documentation for more information.


For more details about the current release, please consult our documentation.


If you would like to help develop AeroGear you can join our developer's mailing list, join #aerogear on Freenode, or shout at us on Twitter @aerogears.

Also takes some time and skim the contributor guide


Join our user mailing list for any questions or help! We really hope you enjoy app development with AeroGear!

Found a bug?

If you found a bug please create a ticket for us on Jira with some steps to reproduce it.

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