Reproduction repository for the MDX 2021 Hybrid Demucs model


This is the submission for MDX 2021 Track A, for Track B go to the track_b branch.

Submission Summary

  • Submission ID: 151378

  • Submitter: defossez

  • Final rank: 1th place on leaderboard A

  • Final scores on MDXDB21:

    SDR_song SDR_bass SDR_drums SDR_other SDR_vocals
    7.33 8.12 8.04 5.19 7.97

Model Summary

This model is a combination of 4 Demucs models: 2 hybrid and 2 regular. For more details, checkout the Demucs Model Zoo.


How to reproduce the submission

Follow the instructions in

Reproducing training

Go checkout the Demucs training documentation and the Hybrid Demucs paper.


This code is released under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file for more details.

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