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idfx ⚡️

While there is no support for USB devices on WSL2 for now, this tool comes to help you to flash and monitor ESP-IDF and ESP8266_SDK applications on the WSL2.

Tested on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Debian distributions.

As a prerequisite for using this tool, Python 🐍 needs to be installed on the Windows.

Supported ESP-IDF versions

idfx supports:


Execute next command inside of your WSL to install idfx

wget -O $HOME/.local/bin/idfx && chmod u+x $HOME/.local/bin/idfx




Where the PORT is serial COM Port on the Windows (use the Device Manager to find your port).

For the full usage please execute next command:

idfx help


For most of the cases (when you edit the code of your application) you can use idfx all COM2 because this command will build, flash and monitor your app, at once. Of course, you need to change COM2 (in previous command) with correct COM port.

Command Description
idfx all COM2 Build project, flash and monitor serial output, using port COM2
idfx build Build project
idfx flash COM2 Flashing project using port COM2
idfx monitor COM2 Display serial output of port COM2
idfx flash COM2 monitor Flash project and display serial output, using port COM2
idfx erase-flash COM2 Erase the entire flash, using port COM2
idfx help Show the idfx usage

How to install ESP-IDF on WSL2

On this link you can find complete tutorial about how to setup ESP-IDF under WSL2 and how to use idfx to build, flash and monitor your ESP application.


idfx preview


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