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Comprehensive algorithms solution to help engineers prepare their interviews and future study 🍪


Understanding the algorithm mechanism is essential in structuring solutions for specific computation tasks and even more so in abstracting the most challenging questions such as Artificial Intelligence problems or Machine Learning techniques in various fields.

Consider the importance of algorithm analysis in all branches of Computer Science and its novel insights in subjects like quantum mechanics, economic analysis and so on, it is necessary to know the domain knowledge of algorithm in terms of math and logic.

It is especially helpful for students, engineers and scientists to organize algorithm principles online.


In order to collaboratively take advantage of this material, usage in the following forms are welcomed:

Getting Started

Clone the repo:

git clone

Then, review the book on your browser

npm run serve

Or build the book

npm run build


Make sure you follow the contributing guide in order to proceed with any forms of contribution.


MIT, Copyright © 2017, Hanqing Zhao

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