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Machine and human readable documentation for all of Minecraft's in game NBT data, written in the format described by
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mc-nbtdoc is a repository for schemas of Minecraft's NBT format, including entities, blocks, and items.


The main point of these docs is to provide a way for language services (such as mcfunction-rs) to be able to give in depth and complete information about a certain NBT tag.

Validation can be a tricky process, but should be much simpler than in mc-nbt-paths. Each compound tag is described in its own definition, which looks similar to Rust's struct definitions. For values which can take only certain values, an enum can be used.
Doc comments, which show the description of certain objects start with ///. Regular comments start with //. Doc comments are valid before compound and enum definitions, and on their fields.
For more information on validation, the file can server as a reference point.

Needed Registries

To have a complete validation, the registries specified in should be included. Any registries which cannot be accessed should just be validation as a string conforming to the resource location format.


All of the data in this repo is under a strict versioning scheme. For each Minecraft release, snapshot, and pre-release, a new tag is added to the repo with the name found in the version_manifest.json file.
If any problems are found in the repo, the changes will not be moved under the version tag until the next version tag. The only exception is for releases, all critical bugs found will be corrected as soon as possible, and the tag will be updated to match. Any non-critical bugs will not trigger a new tag update, but will still be committed to master. While it is discouraged to move a tag, this will happen when nescessary. Any non-data changes to this repository will never trigger an update to a tag.


The repo nbtdoc-rs should serve as the main reference point for any offshoots of parser, and an official grammar definition will be put here soon. The documentation of the format can be found here. This is a best-effort documentation, and is not the official documentation to go by, but it should be accurate.

Serialized Formats

In case of users that do not have a library to parse and resolve the data, serialized forms of the data have been made available in the generated branch of this repository. The version tags to that branch will match the version tags described above, with -gen appended on to the version from the official version manifest. All of the generated files will be located in the build directory, each with the name of generated.<ext>, and generated.pretty.<ext>, where <ext> is the specified extension. The .pretty file contains pretty printed data when applicable.
The current extensions are:

  • .json (with pretty printing)

The format for the serialized data can be quite counterintuitive, so a TypeScript declaration file for the format can be found at json_format.d.ts. While this data is especially useful for the JSON data, it should generally apply to all other serialized forms.

GitHub Workflows

Name Description Status
Test and Serialize Test the latest commit in master branch, and update generated branch with the serialized data. Test and Serialize
Tick Update master branch for new Minecraft releases automatically. Tick


Help on this repo is welcomed and encouraged, but make sure you follow the style guidelines at CONTRIBUTING.

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