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Bash script to install Let's Encrypt SSL certificates automatically using on servers running with EasyEngine



  • Automated Installation of Let's Encrypt SSL certificates using
  • Acme validation with standalone mode or Cloudflare DNS API
  • Domain, Subdomain & Wildcard SSL Certificates support
  • IPv6 Support
  • Generate ECDSA Certificates with ECC 384 Bits private key
  • Automated Certificates Renewal
  • Nginx mainline & stable release support
  • Cert-only mode available


bash <(wget -qO -

# enable & ee-acme-sh
source .bashrc

Update script

Just run the installation command again


Usage: ee-acme [type] <domain> [mode]
       -d, --domain <domain_name> ..... for domain.tld + www.domain.tld
       -s, --subdomain <subdomain_name> ....... for sub.domain.tld
       -w, --wildcard <domain_name> ..... for domain.tld + *.domain.tld
       --standalone ..... acme challenge in standalone mode
       --cf ..... acme challenge in dns mode with Cloudflare
       --cert-only ... do not change nginx configuration, only display it
       --admin ... secure easyengine backend with the certificate
       -h, --help, help ... displays this help information

domain.tld + www.domain.tld in standalone mode :
    ee-acme -d domain.tld --standalone

sub.domain.tld in dns mode with Cloudflare :
    ee-acme -s sub.domain.tld --cf

wildcard certificate for domain.tld in dns mode with Cloudflare :
    ee-acme -w domain.tld --cf

domain.tld + www.domain.tld in standalone mode without editing Nginx configuration :
    ee-acme -d domain.tld --standalone --cert-only

sub.domain.tld in standalone mode to secure easyengine backend on port 22222 :
    ee-acme -s sub.domain.tld --standalone --admin


  • Wildcard certs are only available with Cloudflare DNS API

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