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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Please use this repository to report bugs for CS:GO.

The language used for this tracker is English. If this is a challenge, please consider using an online translator to convert your post into English. This does not extend to system information, but rather, only to actual report text.


There are basic rules of conduct that should be followed at all times by everyone participating in the discussions. While this is generally a relaxed environment, please remember the following:

  • Do not insult, harass, or demean anyone.
  • Do not intentionally multi-post an issue.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS when creating an issue report.
  • Do not repeatedly update an open issue remarking that the issue persists.

Remember: Just because the issue you reported was reported here does not mean that it is an issue with CS:GO. As well, should your issue not be resolved immediately, it does not mean that a resolution is not being researched or tested. Patience is always appreciated.

Reporting Issues

If you encounter a bug while using CS:GO, first search the issue list to see if it has already been reported. Include closed issues in your search. If your issue has been reported, please upvote the issue by clicking the "Add Reaction" button (smiley face with a plus sign) on the root post and adding a thumbs up. Voting helps us determine which issues are important to users without cluttering the bug database. Duplicate issue reports may be closed without comment.

Note: Comments do not count as votes.

If it has not been reported, create a new issue with at least the following information:

  • a short, descriptive title;
  • a detailed description of the issue, including any output from the command line in a gist;
  • steps for reproducing the issue; and
  • your system information.

Please place logs in a gist, and link to them from your report.

When possible, please include a differential between a working configuration and the reported issue.

If a crash is involved, please include any CrashIDs or minidumps related to the issue in an archive. Archives can be drag and dropped into the text box of github.

For tracking purposes, there should be one issue per issue report.

System information

System information can be gathered from within steam (Help -> System Information).

Once your information appears: right-click within the dialog, choose Select All, right-click again, and then choose Copy. Paste this information into a gist and include a link to it from your bug report.

Feature Requests

This repository is not meant for CS:GO feature requests. There are forums dedicated to general CS:GO discussion at

Linux Specific

Driver Contact Information

Some of the issue you may be experiencing are due to the various video drivers. Here is an incomplete list of places that you might be able to file bugs or get additional help:

AMD / Intel Open Source driver

For discussions, there is the mesa-users email list:

Bugs and feature requests should be logged in bugzilla:


NVIDIA supported drivers:

Open Source NVIDIA driver (nouveau):

If you know of any other places, please let us know.

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