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Angular 4 Seed Project

A basic Angular 4 seed project utilizing the following technologies:

The purpose of this seed project is to create an Angular environment with a little less configuration clutter. All configuration files are conveniently organized within the project's config/ directory, instead of being strewn about the project structure and/or the project root.

This makes makes configuration files much easier to find, as well as helping keep the general project structure a lot cleaner!

  • Angular 4.3.6
  • TypeScript 2.5
  • Karma/Jasmine
  • Codelyzer & TSLint
  • Webpack 3


  • npm start - start the development webpack server (access via http://localhost:3000/)
  • npm test - run the project unit tests (*.spec.ts files)
  • npm run coverage - run the project unit tests one time and print out a coverage report, generated under /coverage/index.html
  • npm run lint - run the project linting (will be run every time npm test is run)
  • npm run build - generate a production build for the project, which will be inserted into dist/
  • npm run server - run a live-server instance off of the dist/ directory (generated from the build command)

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