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The React-Native UI Kit you've been looking for

Made with lots of ❤️

What is React-Virgin?

  • Boiler plate UI kit for your React-Native projects ⭐️
  • Get started quickly
  • A beautiful React-Native UI kit

What is inside React-Virgin?

  • Basic Boilerplate including react-navigation 💥
  • Basic components
  • Horizontal List
  • Vertical list
  • Buttons
  • Header
  • Gridview
  • Chat bubble
  • Loader


Android iOS
android ios


React-Virgin requires Node.js v4+ to run.

Clone the repo

$ cd Trixie-UI-kit
$ cd TrixieUiKit
$ npm install
$ react-native run-ios


$ yarn lint

We also have prettier support. Run the following after you write code to apply the prettier config.

$ yarn format


We would love if you can contribute to make this project better. Here's how you can do it:

  • Fork the project.
  • Commit changes or bugfixes to your repo.
  • Submit a pull request
  • Sit back and relax while our maintainers checkout your changes and approve them!


Basic documentation is available on -


  • Complete documentation
  • Drawer menu
  • Card layout
  • Buttons with icons
  • All form components



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