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HashCode [$ª'%¨§¬°&~*\£^;]


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Its purpose is to encode your desired hash text.

  • Developer: The whole project was the one I did, with the goal of expedite the process of encode text to hash's.

Screenshots of different types of hash in operation:

Main Main

Md5 Md5

Sha1 Sha1

Sha224 Monster

Sha256 Sha256

Sha384 Sha384

Sha512 Sha512

Base64 Base64 Base64

Binary Binary Binary

Hexadecimal Hexadecimal Hexadecimal

Cipher of Cesar Cipher Cipher

Reverse Text ReverseText ReverseText

Reverse Words ReverseWords ReverseWords

HashCodeGUI HashCodeGUI

Installation and use.

$ sudo pacman -S git python tk // or sudo apt-get install git python3-tk
$ git clone
$ cd HashCode/
$ sudo chmod +x // For portuguese
$ sudo chmod +x // For english


$ ./ // For portuguese - mode text
$ ./ / For english - mode text
$ ./ // Mode GUI - Graphical User interface

  • Dependency - Python3.5 or Python3 | Python3.4 and Tk

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