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Various UI implementations, animations & effects based on Material Design compatible with pre Lollipop devices as well. (Work in progess)

Implements various Material Design components, that go by the design guidelines. Especially for pre-Lollipop devices.

1) Google+ like screen (Toolbar & FAB animation) Demonstrates animation similar to the Google+ app. The toolbar and Floating Action Button (FAB) hide upon scrolling down, and translate back up when scrolled up.

Plus the FAB greets users with a grow animation upon entrance.

The Spinner used on the Toolbar, is a custom implementation.

Option to enable fading for the Toolbar on hide and show. Similar to the effect as seen on the Google I/O 2015 app.

NOTE: I've used my own implementation for a FAB (Check myfab.xml)

2) Transparent Toolbar with Ripple imitation Transparent and overlaid toolbar. On Lollipop devices, Status Bar is transparent as well . The FAB on click, shows a ripple-like effect spread over the entire background. Nothing but a simple circle shape with a grow animation. (Useful for pre-Lollipop).

3) Navigation Drawer Material Design styled Navigation Drawer with header image and menu. VERY quick way to get started with such a Drawer swiftly. Made using Design Support Library. Since the NavigationView uses a menu resource to load the list of items, if anyone wants to have a custom list with counters for instance, I'd suggest you use a custom library like the MaterialNavigationDrawer from neokree

alt tag

4) Toolbar Header Animation Large header image with on scroll animation for Toolbar. Dynamic Toolbar coloring using Palette class based off the header image. Using the Design Support Library.

Also includes a Floating Action Button(FAB) Design library widget. See activity_animate_toolbar.xml

alt tag

5) Tab Strip Material Design Tab strip attached below the Toolbar. Using the Design Support Library, includes on scroll hide and reveal animations.

alt tag

6) Cardview Toolbar (Nested Toolbar)

7) Bottom Sheets along with Gmail app style lists

8) Reveal Animation (WhatsApp attach button animation) pre Lollipop compatible

9) Onboarding with ViewPager (Google style)

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